lunes, 23 de junio de 2008


When I was younger I always liked older guys. I used to think teenegers had halitosis.
Know, I still like older guys but I find it fun to make out with younger boys.

It's not easy to be kissing a teeneger, people would look at me like I'm doing something wrong (which I probably am), and I couldn't stand it. His family would kill me (and I'm being serious), so, I have to be veeery careful about it. We both know it, his mother suspects about it, she was trying to get information from him, and of course he refused til the end he likes me, and I, I do not mention him in aaany conversation I have, so that none, nooone could find out! :P

So yesterday there were around hundred fifty people in a kind-of-party for children, and he started to kiss me! I was so worry about someone coming and catching us there that I couln'd keep on it. He got little disappointed and that's how it ended for now.

Now my "babe" is my private joy, let see for how long it last til I get bored, for now I'm so excited with the idea of the secret deal y lo prohibido.

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I ♥ DJ'S

I ♥ DJ'S
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Jess* on the decks!