lunes, 16 de junio de 2008

Oops I did it.. (and I'll do it) again!

Gash. Can't hardly believe I kissed that boy, he's under 18, that's such a crime what I've done!(But a very pleasant crime) =)

Ok so, he wanted to kiss me so bad, and I didn't disagree with it, so what we were waiting for?I just knew I couldn't kiss him there cause there are too many ppl around and I work there for his mother by the way ^_^!

So he went walking with me as soon as I finished there, and not further than 50mts he's telling me all this about, how bad I'm with him because I just talk to him when I feel like, and finally he asked, "why did you ask me to come with you??" Hurray! I said, "just because.. Now if you wanna kiss me..Because I think that's what you want, isn't it?", he blushed, said something else and just kissed me, so when we stop that first kiss, I tried to walk but he started kissing me again, so I knew he liked it! Nice, good move..We sat in a bench in the middle of the way home, and in front of the public road, and just kissed and talked for the next 3 hours, it was REAALLY nice, I enjoyed it as had not done it for long time ago. I think what I liked a lot was the fact to know he really likes me, and was feeling so proud of himself for kissing this older woman (hehehe), so it flattered me. He also kisses very gently and good.During that time, he made some silly comments like, "now are we going to kiss every other weekend when I come? " or "well, it's not like we are something else, you can have some one else and I will as well", so he was feeling really confused about the "day after the kiss"

Oh wow, I just felt so guilty that he's so young and someone could see me and tell me something about it, I would feel soooo bad if so. But for know, I just enjoyed it a lot and need it to tell some one about it, and as I don't have friends to share my happiness, here I'm loading my happy time to my blog.


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Kerling dijo...

Hi Yiyi !!! I´m happy 4 you and proud !!!!! Now the 3 of us are happy.. we should do a 3 couple date some day !!!! I´m glad that you really acomplish your mission my dear .. Remenber give your love to everybody who need some sugar... ja ja Bye TQM take care...

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